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Please note that due to the varied layout of events & traffic management requirements, additional facilities may be on site and some areas may be inaccessable. Venue staff will be able to assist.

Things to consider for your visit to Calder Park Raceway


Check the forecast and pack accordingly. 

  • Sun protection

  • Rain Protection 

  • Suitable clothing

  • Picnic rug / blanket

Water points 

Calder Park Raceway now has self serve drinking water facilities to fill up your bottle. Check the map for locations.

Hearing Protection

Motor racing can be noisy. For your comfort and saferty we recommend  you bring some form of hearing protection to use should you need it. 


We are continually working to improve our facilities for accessablity. Should you have an accessibility related enquirey, either before or during an event, get in contact via our contact channels or directly with venue event  staff. 


Motor sport is DANGEROUS.

It is a condition of entry that you accept full responsibility for any harm, injury or loss which you suffer with attending or participating in any motor sport event at this venue and acknowlege the risks involved.

You agree to enter this venue 


To the extent permitted at law, you release any other parties or entities associated with the event or this venue from any liability fo harm, injury or loss which you suffer.

For the safety and wellbeing and enjoyment of all patrons, staff and compeditors:

CP Sign 3
CP Sign 6
CP Sign 5
CP Sign 2
CP Sign 4
CP Sign 1

Management and the hirer reserve the right to refuse entry to any person or remove or evict any person from this venue who do not comply venue requirements or applicable laws.

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