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The Chapel

 The Chapel

In 1995, Bob Jane wanted to build Calder Park chaplain Rev Arthur Bartlett a chapel at the raceway and offered him two garages on the end of a complex of garages.
However, 12 months later, Rev Bartlett was offered an old weather-board church for removal and free of charge.

It was Westgarth Baptist Church, built in 1919.

Bob was thrilled with the idea, so Rev Bartlett gathered a gang of volunteer workers and together that removed six tons of tiles off the roof, as well as five tons of timber.
Eye bolts were screwed into the walls and picked up with a crane, before being placed down flat on a semi-trailer, which delivered the historic load to Calder Park Raceway.

Many people gave their time, talents and money to the re-location and reconstruction of the old church, which became the Calder Park Chapel.

Bob officially opened the chapel on October 31, 1998 in front of more than 200 people and it was quite a moving ceremony when pastor of the Westgarth Baptist Church handed the building over to Calder Park.

Mark Pearce, Rev Bartlett's assistant chaplain, compared the program, during which Garry Coleman, chaplain of the Bathurst track, led a prayer of dedication.


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