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Calder Park Safe Drag Racing School

posted 18 Dec 2010

Free Drag Racing School

Learn more about racing your car/bike at Calder Park

As part of Calder Parks on going commitment to drag racing we are currently running a "How To" class every two weeks. If you have never participated in drag racing before or would like to learn a bit more about the sport, feel free to drop in for a quick lesson. 
Every Friday night (6pm) and Saturday (12pm) prior to the drags the lesson will be held in the cafeteria.
You don't have to be a first time competitor or even competing on the day. If you would like to find out more on safety and drag racing, come down to Calder for the drags and sit in on one of these classes.
Every drag night there will be a recognised racing driver to help explain some of the safety aspects in high detail. Perhaps even give some racing tips. Other speakers will include members of the police, SES and Calder Parks very own senior track staff.
Learn what is required of you and your car from some of the best in the drag racing scene around Australia. All cars are open to run from standard to modified, as long as they meet safety standards inspected by our scrutineering staff. Safety standards are listed on our website under Competitors/Drag Racing.
Helmets can be hired on the day, remember to bring full length clothing for racers and crew members. Fuel and AVGAS is available for purchase. See administration should you require either.
So bring your car down to Calder Park and find out how quick it is with out losing your licence.
Meet in the Club Lounge

6pm Friday Nights

12pm Saturdays


All first time entrants are welcome.

You must hold a current Australian drivers licence, L plate drivers are permitted but must attend a 'Safe Drag Racing School' session beforehand.
You must wear a helmet, full length clothing and closed toed shoes. And meet all safety requirements checked over by our scrutineering staff.

All Vehicles participating at Calder Park Street Meets must have the following safety items for compliance to drag race regardless of ET or Speed. Scrutineering requirements for your vehicle is as follows:

  1. Wheels:
    All wheels nuts fitted.
    No hub caps or dress rims permitted.
  2. Tyres:
    No bald tyres unless they are a purpose race tyre. (Slick)
    No mis matched tyres from left to right or visa versa.
    Tyre clearance between fenders and tyres require a minimum clearance of 9.5 mm or 3/8 inches.
  3. Battery retention:
    Battery fix to a frame/body of the vehicle. Dry Cell (Gell) batteries are permitted inside the vehicle however particular attention will be made to the fixing of the battery. If the battery is NOT fixed using high strength (High tensile) bolts and quality materials determined by scrutineering, then it will not pass. (Note Tech Screws or self tapers, are not permitted to retain anything in a vehicle that is racing.)
  4. Interior:
    Door Panels that retain interior door handles switches etc must be retained. 
    Back seat removal is permitted as long as the boot is sealed from a battery or fuel system if they are fitted to the vehicle.
    Seat Belts must not be frayed and in operating condition. NOTE: A minimum LAP/SASH seat belt is mandatory at Calder Park. Just lap belts not permitted.
    Seats that are broken are not permitted.
  5. Steering:
    No broken steering wheels permitted,
    No free play in steering permitted that would not pass road worthy.
  6. Transmission:
    Neutral Safety switch must be operational,
    Neutral Lock Out on the shifter must be operational.
  7. Suspension:
    Vehicle must have suspension travel. Dragsters and Altereds that are purpose built race cars are exempt.
  8. Body:
    All Street Vehicles MUST retain all body panels properly. Eg, Vehicles post manufacture of 1938 without hoods not permitted. Dragsters and Altereds that are purpose built race cars are exempt.
  9. Engine:
    Dual Springs on the Throttle return on ALL Engines fitted with a Carby/s.
    NO Oil Leaks permitted.
    General tidiness, ie, no loose wires, clamps, tools etc permitted.
  10. Cooling:
    All Vehicles fitted with a Radiator MUST have a Catch Can or equivalent.
Bike Safety Gear:
  • Full Leathers only. (Upper and Lower protection). NO denim or kevlar based materials permitted.
  • Full Face Helmet , without any visual defects, scratches or marks meeting current  Australian Standards. Note a windshield visor is preferred.
  • Gloves
  • Leather foot wear, boots preferred.

Bike Requirements:
  • Locking Nuts or Retaining Pins through axle nuts
  • Spring throttle return operational.
  • Brakes, front and rear, operational,
  • Lights, all operational,
  • No loose fairings etc.
  • Chain Guard.
  • No fluid leaks

Additional Notes:
Cars running quicker than 10.99 seconds, as aforementioned details above and the following:
  • Minimum 4 point roll cage,
  • Minimum 4 point Safety Harness,
  • Longer wheels studs protruding beyond the face of the rim by 1 diameter of the wheel stud.
  • Open Headers permitted, but are not to point down toward the track
  • NOS permitted, however, if fitted inside the vehicle, the bottle must be fitted with a vent tube from the appropriate OEM or equivalent of the bottle.
  • Engine Oil Filter Clamp required on spin off type filters. NOTE: System 1 and Oberg type filter designs are exempt.
  • Drive Shaft Loop,
Cars running quicker than 9.99 seconds, as aforementioned details above and the following:
  • Minimum 6 point roll cage,
  • Minimum 5 point Safety Harness,
  • Personal Safety Equipment per requirements of the current ANDRA Rule Book required. This includes gloves, fire proof suit, SFI approved Helmet, Neck Brace, etc.
  • Vehicles running faster than 140 mph require a parachute.
Note: All Supercharged, Turbo and Nitrous feed engines, fitted with Automatic Transmissions, in cars running under 8.99 sec or quicker, MUST be fitted with a SFI approved trans blanket.