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Calder Park Female Drag Racers

posted 6 Apr 2011

Local grandma Leanne Braggs proves in some cases girls do it better than guys!! Leanne is a regular here at Calder Park, and will now be racing her new Bantam Altered chassis with a 572 cubic inch engine. With Leanne having run a 8.58 pass, her new toy will guarantee a 7 second pass once completed. Keep your eyes peeled for Leanne and the Braggs family!!


Another of Calder Parks regular female drag racers is Leanne Bernhard. Leanne has just recently involved herself in Calder's Drag School where she helps educate and inform those about drag racing down at Calder Park. Leanne races a 2002 Mustang with a 422 Ford cubic engine - watch our boys, this girl knows how to race!!