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Bob Jane unveils Calder 2011 drag racing program

posted 23 Dec 2010

Bob Jane unveils Calder 2011 drag racing program

Motor racing legend Bob Jane, today (Wednesday, December 22) unveiled Calder Park Raceway’s 2011 drag racing program. 
Jane, who owns Calder Park, said 2011 will see more drag racing events and action at the iconic Melbourne venue for more than a decade.
“The coming year (2011) will see an increase in drag racing events; in fact the 2011 drag racing program will be the largest and most exciting at Calder Park for more than a decade.”       
Jane said major drag race events at Calder Park include:
True Blue, January 22-23, featuring Australia’s leading Top Doorslammer racers in the Australian Eighth-mile Doorslammer Championship.
Labour Day Championship, March 12-13, featuring Australia’s richest Pro Stock drag race event.
EasterNationals, April 23-24, featuring Australia’s quickest sedan drag racing vehicles.
All three events are part of the Triple Crown where competitors earn points from each event with the winners sharing a huge prize money pool.  
Jane said a lucky spectator or drag race competitor attending one or all three events will win a classic 1970 Chevrolet Camaro Z28, valued at $50,000. 
There will be at least two more major drag race events – dates yet to be fixed - in the last quarter of 2011.
Jane also said the regular fortnightly Off-Street drag racing, a major road safety initiative, where people can race their own road cars in a safe and legal environment (weather permitting) will continue throughout 2011.  
An Off-Street drag racing school, where people learn the benefits of racing on a drag strip instead of public roads, which started this year, will also continue in 2011.
Calder Park Raceway general manager, Ian Macarthur, said the January True Blue event will see Australia’s quickest and fastest drag race sedan cars, the popular supercharged Top Doorslammers, race in the Australian Eighth-mile (201metres) Doorslammer Championship.  
Macarthur expects more than 16 Doorslammer competitors from around the country to take part in the Australian eighth-mile championship.
The event will also see two of the world’s quickest and fastest six cylinder and rotary-powered cars race in Victoria for the first time when Tony Wedlock, turbocharged Toyota Aurion, races Rocky Rehayem, rotary turbocharged Mazda 6, in the Pro FX (Pro Factory Xtreme) challenge.
While the Doorslammers will race over the eighth-mile, all other categories at the event will run over the traditional quarter-mile.
EDITORS: Attached photo (left to right): Ian Macarthur, Calder Park Raceway general manager, Bob Jane, Calder Park Raceway owner and Bobby Jane, Calder Park motorsport manager, standing in front of the Tony DeFelice, '67 Chevrolet Camaro Doorslammer (left), Stef Buccella Pro Street Torana (middle) and Lee Bektash’07 Dodge Stratus Pro Stock car (left).  
For further information, please contact:
Ian MacArthur,
General Manager, Calder Park
Email: ian.macarthur@calderpark.com.au
Phone: 9091 0800