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 AUSCAR (Australian Stock Car Auto Racing) was the sanctioning body owned by Bob Jane which ran American-style Superspeedway racing in Australia. Three categories of racing car were developed to run on the Australian circuits, which initially consisted of the Calder Park Thunderdome

Superspeedway, but overtime expanded to include the short oval at one end of Adelaide International Raceway and the Surfers Paradise Street Circuit, before expanding to run at several Australian road racing circuits.
The three main categories were: NASCAR, imported and locally developed versions of the American racecars; AUSCAR, down spec cars, closer to production specification, initially just the Holden Commodore, but later expanded to include the Ford Falcon; and Sportsman, lower specification again, cheaper to buy or build and older cars, some former AUSCARs.
Other categories such as the HQ's, a category based around Holden Kingswood were also popular at the Calder Park Thunderdome as well as another category based on the American dirt track category known as Legends (unrelated to Aussie Racing Cars) since disappeared from circuit racing and Formula Vee open wheelers raced briefly on the Thunderdome apron.
AUSCAR was also the name used for the second tier racing category the raced alongside the Australian NASCAR stock car racing series, starting in 1986 and continuing until 2001.
The cars were not pure space frame chassis like NASCAR, but were built on Australian Holden Commodore and Ford Falcon road car chassis. As a result, AUSCAR’s are right-hand-drive, and race clockwise at ovals, compared to the left-hand-drive anticlockwise NASCAR vehicles.
Brad Jones dominated the category winning five consecutive titles during the peak of the series popularity. Other notable drivers include: Peter Brock, Marshall Brewer, Terry Wyhoon, Russell Ingall, John Faulkner, Jim Richards, Steve Richards, Adam Pay and Leigh Watkins (who was the only driver to win the championship in a Ford Falcon).
  • 1988-89, Tony Cavich, Holden Commodore
  • 1989-90, Brad Jones, Holden Commodore
  • 1990-91, Brad Jones, Holden Commodore
  • 1991-92, Brad Jones, Holden Commodore
  • 1992-93, Brad Jones, Holden Commodore
  • 1993-94, Brad Jones, Holden Commodore
  • 1994-95, Marshall J Brewer, Holden Commodore
  • 1995-96, Terry Wyhoon, Holden Commodore
  • 1996-97, Matthew White, Holden Commodore
  • 1997-98, Darren McDonald, Holden Commodore
  • 1998-99, Leigh Watkins, Ford Falcon