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ANDRA Test N Tune

29 Nov 2015

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Gate open at 8am

Racing from 10am-4pm

Calder Park Drag Racing’s Test and Tunes give any type competition vehicle the opportunity to come out and play on the Calder Park drag strip. 

TNT’s are an excellent opportunity for ANDRA licence holders and the “serious” Street/Strip members to test and tune their vehicles on a race prepared track and have the leisure of making required adjustments throughout the day, instead of having the limited time and opportunity as at a Friday night street meetings or Race event. 

Non ANDRA Licence holders may purchase a DDL (divisional day license) on the day if they are not faster than 11.0, or a late model car/bike, so it is not ‘closed out’ to the street style vehicles.  

It is also a great opportunity for spectators to see all forms of Drag Racing competition vehicles and bikes across all classes, which means there is something there for everyone all the time ranging from a Junior Dragster through to blown and nitro powered vehicles.


Entry cost to race: $100 (per vehicle including driver/rider)
Garages available:$50 (with Power and lockable roller door)
Spectator & Crew entry:$25 


These events are open to all racers including those with permanent ANDRA licences and those wishing to use divisional day licences (see requirements for DDLs here).