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Fast Friday Street Meet

24 Mar 2017

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Why risk racing on the Street?

Bring it to the track and save your Licence and car/bike from being confiscated and race with your mates in a controlled, safe environment.

Street Meets are a great way to try out drag racing and test the performance of your everyday street vehicle in a safe and legal environment that you can race the clock to measure your car/bikes performance or race against your mates.

CalderPark DragRacing is hosting ANDRA sanctioned street meets throughout 2015/16 so you can experience the thrill of Melbourne's own quarter mile, usually on a Friday Night throughout Spring, Summer and Autumn, and Sundays during the winter. 

Entry cost to race:         
Street Car/Bike  $75 (including driver/rider & $5 ANDRA divisional day licence)

Spectator entry: $25
Gates Open: 4:30pm
Racing from: 6:00pm  to 10:30pm (approx)
Scrutineering close: 8:45pm

To go racing at street meets, all you need is a street vehicle that passes basic safety checks on tyres, brakes, steering and liquid leaks. If you race a vehicle with a manufacture date of pre 1 January 2008 you can run up to 11.00 seconds without the need for a tech inspection or ANDRA licence. Vehicles manufactured post 1 January 2008 can run up to 10.00 seconds without the need for a tech inspection or ANDRA licence. Check for specific information on safety and licence requirements.